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A very interesting book relating to the history of Bozeat, compiled by Philip Bligh, a former vicar of our parish.  Below is an extract from the written Introduction by him, to the book:


The publication in 1936 of The History of Bozeat Village written by Rev. J. H. Marlow, Vicar of Bozeat from 1929 to 1944, was a milestone because it was until now the only known published record of its life. It is an important work as it arises out of his own research into original historic documents and his own unique acquaintance with the village. He was also meticulous in keeping a record of village events given to him by others of the recent past, as well as keeping a log of those of his own time. His findings were first published in his church magazine started after he became Vicar in 1929, and these articles have recently been republished as a book Bozeat: Your Village History by Bozeat Historical and Archaeological Society. 1 have quoted and drawn from both these works liberally as they are so important in gaining an understanding of the life of the village and how it evolved.

Norman Palmer was for 20 years my predecessor as Vicar of Bozeat and gave considerable time and skill to researching original documents on the life of the village, particularly in relation to its character in the 19th century, but also back to its roots in the 17th century (where most of our available documents begin) and earlier still. He published several articles in the village magazine About Bozeat which were the result of his meticulous work, and several of these 1 have used in their original form as he gave them to me, together with other interesting and careful studies which he carried out. In these cases, I have shown his name in the chapters concerned in this book.

Acknowledgment must be made to the village magazine About Bozeat which since its inception in 1980 has been a mouthpiece for much of the village history as remembered by villagers themselves, and was the product of sterling and faithful work by such people as Penny Brannon, Diane West and Lynne Ward. We owe them and all who have worked with them a debt of gratitude. The use of information from About Bozeat in this book is appropriately and gratefully acknowledged.

In the early 1990s, two publications of A Pictorial History of Bozeat were published by a group mainly associated with Bozeat Methodist Church, with photographs and other visual and verbal information. I gratefully acknowledge information used from these publications.  I am also indebted to local historian David Hall for information both from his publications and from tape recordings of talks he gave to the Bozeat Historical and Archaeological Society.

My indebtedness to Trevelyan's History of England which has inspired in me a love of 'real' history - that of ordinary people - is clear from repeated quotations from this beautifully written masterpiece.

Bozeat 2000

The story of a

Northamptonshire village

Front cover: The Post Office in London Road  c.1900

I can claim little more than to be the Compiler of the following history. It truly is the work of others who know far more than me about the past of Bozeat, for they have delved more deeply into it; or they know more of its present for they have spend more of their lives living in the village.

Philip Bligh asserts his moral right to be identified as the author of this work. The book was first published in 2003 by W D Wharton of Wellingborough

[ISBN 1-899597-13-1] and remains the copyright of Philip Bligh. This page is published with his kind permission.