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Our village has a small team of volunteers who produce this quarterly magazine for Bozeat and Easton Maudit. It contains an editorial, news and information from many organisations and other contributors. The centre pages contain the Village Diary which lists the activities and key meeting dates of the many groups that prosper within both parishes.

The team also produce an "Information Leaflet" which we try to give to all newcomers to our two villages.  We have produced a street map and we have put together a list of useful telephone numbers and contact names of local and national services, together with details of many of the voluntary organisations and active hobby groups that meet on a regular basis.

Many local traders also advertise throughout the year with us offering a full range of goods and services.  The income from this advertising gives the magazine its full independence and funds the costs of its production.  Another small band of committed volunteers distribute Bozeat Matters free of charge to each of the 920 households in both villages, ensuring shared community information is brought to your door.

The magazine "About Bozeat" was first produced in March 1980 as an information leaflet.  It was in those days when typewriters, scissors and glue in a bottle [the one with a red top and slot] were the best cutting and pasting you got.  Formatting was unheard of, and changing fonts would have been over at the church and a little more difficult.  Two friends who had originally helped form a Mother & Toddler Group realised there was a need for information to be circulated about village groups to residents and newcomers.  It began as a twelve page spread, copied, collated and stapled by just a couple of volunteers in a couple of days.

Bozeat Matters …… the magazine for Bozeat and Easton Maudit

Editor: Lynne Ward [Since 1998]

Magazine 25th Birthday

The magazine became "Bozeat Matters" in December 1998 and has seen computerisation benefit the content and  its production with so much more ease and style.  In 2005 our village has seen its first 25 years of production, mainly through the dedication of its editors but also not possible with the help of the team.  The years of 2006 and onwards will really be no different in our wish to bring you current information.

Contributions are always wanted; whether it be an announcement of arrivals or departures, engagements, diary dates or just news, please be encouraged to pass it to us.  You can email us at: bozeatmatters@hotmail.com

Lynne Ward