Bozeat Churchyard 2014

Visited by Bob Lines, Geraldine Hunt, Anne Doody 12th June 2014.

When we entered this churchyard via the main gate on a beautiful day we were aware of the work that had been undertaken to achieve what people expect of such a place, and how a haven for wildlife had been created.

Walking through the gates you are aware of the noticeboard which displays information about wildlife on the site. There is further information around the churchyard and in the porch. More detailed management plans were available for us to see.

Further efforts have been made to involve the local school children in the project.

Immediately to our let were the newly pollarded Lime trees. This management has opened up the area. Shrubs such as Pyracantha and Dog Rose have been planted and plants like Woodruff. Nearby are the Snowdrops. It has good potential as a wildlife patch.

On the grass area that has been mown markers have been placed to protect interesting plants. The Field Clary is thriving. In the long grass areas flowers such as Oxeye Daisy, Red Valerian, Yarrow , Red Campion, Scabious and Lady's Bedstraw are thriving. We saw Red Admiral and Speckled Wood butterflies. Paths have been cut in the grass to allow people walk through. When the flowers have seeded the grass will be cut with a scythe, left to dry then removed to the hay pile.

The nettle patch is well managed just awaiting the butterflies.

One grave have been planted with herbs such as Thyme and Lavender. A second with Sedums. All good pollinating plants. A thoughtful touch.

The Bug hotel is to be moved to a more sunny area. There are bird and bat boxes situated around the churchyard.  A new seat has been provided.

No chemicals are used on the site. Black polythene is used on problem areas.

A point for consideration is the two young Oak Trees. If upright growth can be encouraged rather than horizontal growth this could avoid problems in the future.

Altogether a very enjoyable visit was had in a beautiful wildlife haven.

We recommend Bozeat Churchyard for a Gold Award.

Letter_WLT Letter_WLT

Letter with results from the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, July 2014