WI March Report

The Little Chapel had undergone a transformation to  be a Flower Arranging Workshop with Sheila French for our November meeting.  Tables were covered in white paper and at each place was a prepared wet oasis taped into a dish, to await the arrangement each member would make from the flowers and foliage they had brought.  Sheila demonstrated how to assemble a flower arrangement with focal points a zig-zag formation, and using tall foliage  and  different  coloured  leaves  to  give  extra impact.  She  gave  a  running commentary as the arrangement took shape, and then it was our turn to produce a similar arrangement.  Sheila walked amongst us to give guidance as we worked, and in an enjoyable hour we produced an amazing array of displays.

For our December meeting members of Bozeat W.I were guests of Wollaston W.I, and we enjoyed a Christmas meal with them at the Baptist Church.  On arrival we were greeted with warm non-alcoholic mulled wine and canapés.  Jerusalem was sung ~ and given a resounding rendition in the Baptist Church.

Music during the evening was by Ock ‘n’ Dough, the meal was delicious, the quiz was frustrating, and a few raffle prizes went home with Bozeat members.

Tony Roche, who is well known by many members, was our January Speaker.  Tony began by telling us he had read his poems to Bozeat W.I twenty-five years ago, and during the years since he has written books of poems, been on Radio Northampton, and

visited other W.I.’s.  We heard the ‘special W.I poem’ Tony wrote all those years ago, a copy of which Agnes Jones has in our scrapbook.  

We listened to poems on varying topics, some very true, some with a relevant punchline, some with a rhyming last line you expected, and some with a comical ending ~ all read from Tony’s books entitled Roche’s Writings, For Better or for Verse, Rhymes of our Times.  If one of our Speaker’s topic interests you please come and enjoy the evening at a cost of £4 including refreshment. Here are the next three month’s activities at 7.30 pm in the Little Chapel.  8th March 2017 - Recycling with a Difference by Susan Drage: 12th April 2017 - Living with a Deaf Spaniel by Maggie Taylor: 10th May 2017 - Shackleton’s Forgotten Men by Debbie Horsman:  14th June 2017 - Fish & Chips, and more to be planned ……

YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR COFFEE MORNING  on SATURDAY 20th MAY from 10am in the Church Community Hall - please come to help The Day Light Centre.