WI June Report


Carol Fearnley, 663282

The expected Speaker for our February meeting cancelled that morning, and at short notice we were pleased Tony Roche was available to attend and read more of his work. We listened to poems taken from his books Poetry for Children, Roche’s Writings, Rhymes of our Times, and For Better or For Verse. We waited in anticipation for each poem, and they covered a variety of subjects, eg:: Tattoos, Mother-in-Law, Milton Keynes, Valentine, Santa Claus, Religious themes, the Milkman, the Cobbler, the Jogger. Needless to say many ended with a ‘good line’ that gained giggles.

Many surprises were in store for our March meeting when Susan Drage gave us a talk on Recycling with a Difference. Susan’s recycling idea began with making greetings cards, which progressed to 3D cards to hold flowers or small gifts. Knitting with recycled items is more involved, as you have to cut up plastic bags and tee-shirts in certain ways to produce strips suitable for knitting, or even plaited to make dog leads or shopping bags. Magazine pages get folded into strips then wrapped around themselves to form a circle, and with the push of the thumb the circle magically becomes a bowl. We viewed bridesmaid handbags made from cereal boxes, shopping bags made from crisp packets, night lights and bird feeders that had been plastic bottles, CDs as hanging decorations or mini handbags…. all these had been made with Susan’s magic touch and some hot glue and water. The ideas Susan has of what to do with recyclable items are ingenious, eg: plastic forks as framework for a fan, colourful material wound around lampshade frames, zips and hair clips as necklaces ~ ~ it truly was recycling with a difference !

Maggie Taylor’s talk was Living with a Deaf Spaniel ~ and she came to our April meeting with her deaf Springer spaniel, Jasper. For eight years Maggie has taken in dogs for re-homing, and four years ago she acquired Jasper ~ she knew he was deaf. Jasper is ‘her shadow’, as he follows her everywhere even to the shower and loo. When training her dogs, Maggie was advised to use three actions for commands, namely voice, whistle and hand signs. Little did she know that hand signs were to be put to full use when Jasper came into her life. With a deaf dog you are unable to give verbal praise or even suggest going ‘walkies’. Hand Signs are necessary, and the thumbs-up sign to Jasper means ‘well done’. Maggie exercises Jasper on a 10ft line which, with an attachment, gives him movement to run about and to even go for a thrown ball. Jasper does bark, and copies Maggie’s other spaniel. Lacking one sense encourages the remaining senses to be stronger, and this has proved so with Jasper as he has become an incredible scent-detector. To keep Jasper in one place while Maggie gave her talk, he has been trained to stay on a special mat all the time the mat is on the floor. Jasper was so good for our evening, and loved by all.

Ladies and Gents, if our evening talk interests you please come and listen at a cost of £4 including refreshments.  Please see the Bozeat Matters Diary for details of our meetings on 9th August and 13th September.   14th June 2017 - Fish & Chips, and more to be planned ……