WI January 2018 Report


Carol Fearnley, 663282

Our August talk entitled It’s all Winston’s Fault was by Christine Twell, and she had set a table with cheeses, so what was to come? Accompanied by pictures and information on the screen, we heard Christine is from a farming family and lives with husband Geoff at Redlands Farm near Stanwick.

They moved there in December 2011 with three goats ~ Winston, Misty & Mo.  Christine loved the goats and had the idea of being a small commercial business, so the family had to learn about the care of goats.  

With knowledge acquired, 96 pregnant goats were purchased in December 2013, all were due to ‘kid’ in March 2014.  To learn how to make cheese was the next stage, and it takes ten litres of milk to make one kilo of cheese.  

They produce eleven goats’ cheeses namely  Cordwainers / Redlands / Togglers / Cobblers Choice / Skyver / Tongue Taster / Hobnail / Stanwick Blue / Phipps Firkin / Cranberry Currier / Rapstick.  Read about Christine’s achievement on www.neneviewdairy.co.uk and see why it was all Winston’s fault, also their website gives our local stockist for their cheeses as Pastures Farm Shop, Olney Road, Yardley Hastings.  

Karen Dhlamini, a Street & School Pastor based in Northampton at St.Giles Church, was our Speaker in September.  Street Pastors is an initiative of the Ascension Trust ~ a Christian charity that brings the Church into partnership with other agencies to work for peace and safer streets.

Karen enjoys her work, which she has done for four years on most Saturday nights and the last Friday night of the month (payday).  The team of three or four meet for prayer in St.Giles Church at 10pm, at 10.30pm they log-on with the Police and begin their street walk of pubs and clubs to help where needed until 6am.  

Their help comes in various ways ~ being friendly and understanding, supplying drinking water, giving flip-flops to those walking in bare feet, offering cereal bars to help absorb excessive drink, and special bottle tops which prevent drinks being ‘spiked’.

Both the Police and Ambulance Service acknowledge the helpful work of Street Pastors.  School Pastors patrol as the children leave school, their aim being ~ to see no child is followed, endeavour to stop fights, help if a bus pass is lost, liaise if the parent has not arrived, attend if the Police are called, interact with the children which gives a good relationship, also attend Assembly and give a talk.  The volunteering Pastors are funded by the Church for their uniforms and the items they give out.

At our October meeting Wendy Potts spoke about Honey Bees.  Wendy and husband Kevin teach about honeybees and supply equipment worldwide.  The honey bee is different to bees such as Bumble bee/ Solitary bee/ Masonry bee, and there is only one type of Honey Bee ~ the only bee that makes honey. The hive can have up to 50,000 bees per season, April to October, and the Queen bee can lay 2,000 eggs per day during June, July and August.  A Honey bee has 2 eyes and 3 light-sensors, cleans it antenna before leaving the hive, travels a radius of 1½ - 3miles at a speed of 15/20mph going but 12mph when returning with pollen.  A Honey bee, which weighs only 80mg, manages to collect 40-60mg of pollen, and in an average day 10,000 bees could visit 10million flowers.  A Honey bee dies when it stings you as the sting is pulled from its body ~ the best treatment when you have a bee sting is the application of toothpaste or onion or baking soda.

If one of our evening Talks interests you do come, listen and have a cup of tea/coffee, at a cost of £4.